CONOR TYCHOWSKI Video Production in Buckinghamshire | Cinematography, Editing, and Colour

Overview: The mini-documentary promo for 'Boundary Stone', directed by Emily Ralph, offers a glimpse into the atmospheric world of Eyam, an English village steeped in history. Shot in the picturesque countryside of Eyam, the promo serves as a mood-piece, setting the tone for Emily's vision of a chilling horror film set against the backdrop of the plague.

Key Elements:

  • Cinematic exploration of Eyam's rural essence, capturing its haunting beauty.
  • Collaborative journey with director Emily Ralph and drone operator/stills photographer Psyona Williams.
  • Mini-doc style with short intimate interviews to immerse viewers in the historical and eerie atmosphere of Eyam. 
Visual Style: The promo showcases the stunning landscapes and quaint charm of Eyam, juxtaposed with glimpses of its dark history. Through cinematography and evocative imagery, the promo captures the essence of Emily's vision, hinting at the terror and suspense to come in 'Boundary Stone'.

Conclusion: The mini-documentary promo for 'Boundary Stone' transports viewers to the haunting world of Eyam, offering a short glimpse into the visual style and mood of Emily Ralph's upcoming horror film. With its dark cinematography and collaborative approach, the promo sets the stage for a chilling cinematic experience that promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

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