CONOR TYCHOWSKI Video Production in Buckinghamshire | Cinematography, Editing, and Colour

Location: Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

Overview: The music video for "Precious Time" by Restless Oceans is a vibrant portrayal of the band's folk-infused sound. Shot as a performance-based video, it shows the essence of the band's energetic style while maintaining a rustic and colourful aesthetic. The video was filmed in a historic barn located in Buckinghamshire, providing a fitting backdrop for the band's Indie-folk vibe.

Key Elements:

  • Performance-based video capturing the band's live energy.
  • Historic and rustic setting to create feeling of cosiness and charm
  • Rustic and colourful visuals to complement the joyful, folk-inspired sound.
  • High-energy editing style to match the upbeat tempo of the song.

Song and Band Description: "Precious Time" is a folk song that embodies the spirit of Restless Oceans, an acoustic Indie-folk band hailing from Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Known for their infusion of rock, pop, and infectious energy, Restless Oceans brings a dynamic and fun-filled approach to their music.

Visual Style: To enhance the visual storytelling, the video was produced with vibrant colours and dynamic editing, capturing the band's talent and lively stage presence. The rustic setting of the barn served as a picturesque backdrop, adding depth and character to the overall aesthetic.

Conclusion: The music video for "Precious Time" by Restless Oceans was produced to showcase the band's unique blend of Indie-folk and rock influences. With vibrant colours and spirited performances, the video aims to show the essence of the band's music while offering viewers an immersive visual experience.

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