CONOR TYCHOWSKI Video Production in Buckinghamshire | Cinematography, Editing, and Colour

Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Overview: The commercial for "Say It Loud" is a portrayal of the non-profit organisation's mission to support survivors of sexual violence. Shot as a narrative-based film, it follows the by actress Emily Ralph, who also contributed creatively to the project, preparing for a Christmas party, a setting statistically significant for survivors. Despite her internal struggles, she bravely puts on a facade of normalcy, reflecting the silent battles many survivors face.

Charity Description: "Say It Loud" is a non-profit organisation founded by Meredith, a brave survivor of sexual violence. Dedicated to empowering survivors and breaking the silence surrounding their experiences, the organisation provides support and resources for individuals aged 16 and above who have endured the traumas of sexual violence.

Key Elements:

  • Narrative-based storytelling highlighting the internal struggles of survivors.
  • Christmas party setting to shed light on the prevalence of abuse during festive occasions.
  • Emotional depth portrayed through the protagonist's internal turmoil and external facade.
  • Intimate filming in a single room to capture the personal nature of the survivor's experience

Visual Style: The commercial adopts a subdued visual style, with muted tones and close, intimate framing to convey the internal struggles of the protagonist. The focus remains on the emotional journey, with minimal distractions from the single-room setting.

Conclusion: The commercial for "Say It Loud" serves as a representation of the organisation's commitment to supporting survivors of sexual violence. Through emotive storytelling and a restrained visual style, the video sheds light on the silent battles faced by survivors, encouraging dialogue and solidarity in the fight against sexual violence.

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